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'Beer Recipe Design Made Easy!'

Introducing ezRecipe Design

ezRecipe Design is powerful and easy to use. Built from the ground up with brewers on the go in mind. Intuitive and simple to use when designing your most challenging recipes. And create, save, edit and store up to fifty recipes all from the same designer.

Select grains, adjuncts and hops for your recipe from a built in list of ingredients. You can then change those values of existing ingredients to match the grain on hand. Or add your own ingredients as needed. Saving a recipe then preserves any changes made to the ingredients for that recipe.

Brewing system setup has never been easier. Create several system profiles for flexibility when brewing your recipes on different systems. Then save that recipe and the system profile used to brew it in the same recipe. Use the kettle efficiency mode when sharing recipes with friends. Export your recipe to a BeerXML format file that friends import into ezRecipe.

** Requires 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 with at least 3GB memory and 32-bit version of Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher. **


Use the main ezRecipe page to chose a beer style guideline for your beer recipe. Give your recipe a unique name and provide the date of the most recent update. Add the grains, adjuncts and hops used in the recipe. Then update the weight, color and other values as needed to match the ingredients you have on hand. Once finished use the save button to add the recipe to ezRecipe. Then save the ezRecipe Design spreadsheet to preserve your latest updates.

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