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Setting Up Your Recipe

Enter the pre-boil and post-boil wort volumes. The amount of strike water used in the mash, estimated mash efficiency and mash temperature.

Select a BJCP recipe to help guide you. Name your recipe. Then enter the date of your most recent update.

Selecting Grain And Adjuncts

Choose the grains that will be added to the mash for this recipe. Select them from a list of dozens of popular grain types. Including base malts, wheat, crystal and roasted malts.

Select the types of adjuncts that will be added to the boil kettle. Kettle adjuncts are an easy way to boost alcohol levels.

Adjusting Brewing Water Properties

Use 100% RO or distilled water as the source brewing water. Gypsum, calcium chloride and Epsom Salt add flavor and lower pH. Use Lactic acid to reduce alkalinity and lower pH and use Baking Soda to increase alkalinity and raise pH.

Selecting Hop Additions

Hop additions influence the flavor, aroma and bitterness of every beer recipe. Choose the perfect hop variety from a huge selection of bittering, aroma and dual purpose hop varieties. Use your hop additions in the boil, in a whirlpool, or in the fermentor or keg.