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Coming December 2023 - ezRecipe Design 4.05.05
Newest Build of 2023

* Requires Excel 2016 or higher (32 Bit) and Windows 10 or higher *


* Download ezRecipe Design 4.04.00 - Windows
Latest build date April 15, 2023

* Requires Excel 2016 or higher (32 Bit) and Windows version 10 or 11 *


** Download ezRecipe Design for Excel - Mac OS
Latest build date June 25, 2019

** Requires Excel 2016 or higher and Mac OS with 2GB memory. **

Current Version: 4.04.00 - Build Date: April 15, 2023

  • Inventory tracking reminders when adding ingredients
  • Excel Add-in design delivers increased performance
  • Automatic grain-based mash pH and strike water calculations
  • Mash, lauter, conversion, and brewhouse efficiency reporting
  • Show/Hide toggle for pop-up tips and comments
  • Show/Hide toggle built in Excel menus
  • Extensive and newly expandable ingredient lists
  • Inventory tracking of ingredients
  • Includes 10 proven recipes to get you started
  • One-click conversion between metric and standard units
  • Typeahead search and sort of all ingredient lists